Supplier Extension

This plugin is meant for product import thru vendor login thru CSV as well as XML data feed with complete detail and auto price change of product at multi-vendor Magento store for end customer on the basis of a price rule set by admin for flat add-on price, increment of fix percentage or combination of both over vendor price.

Standalone extensions to import products to Magento store by XML (date feed URL from supplier) CSV format, IP (date feed URL for supplier)

Extensions Functionality–

  • Able to create Suppliers
  • Each supplier will have its own data info (Contact info and feed )
  • When you create a supplier you will have 4 tabs in it
    1. 1. Supplier info
      2. Supplier feed need to be able to choose (drop down) from (CSV, XML URL feed )
      3. Mapping (must match magento attributes Ex.( Name, Price, images, color, size and so on )
      4. Price rule

Need to have this setting

  • Supplier price (so I can see how much we getting the price from the supplier)
  • Percent and flat fee that I would like to increase it ex. 10% + $5 ( so let’s say the supplier price will be $100 so after the increased will be $115 on a new tab and it will show up on the Special Price back end and front end
  • Need to have a cron job to run automatic the feed when I choose to
  • Shipping (to be able to choose a shipping class for that supplier from a drop down)

    supplier menu


  1. Create supplier attribute. (Goto the Catalog–>Attribute and click on manage attribute then click on Add New Attribute)
    Create supplier attribute


  2. After create supplier attribute you can add supplier. (Goto the Supplier menu and click on manage supplier then click on add supplier)

Cron Settings-

Server settings – First time, we need to set cron on server. Run the command “crontab -e “ in root directory of site, then add following commands in file


Admin Settings- System–>Configuration–>Advanced–>System

Server settings